Equity Adjustment Company specializes in worker's compensation investigations for insurance companies throughout Minnesota and western Wisconsin.Workers' Compensation is an insurance that provides wage replacement and medical benefits to employees that are injured at the workplace or while performing work related duties while on the job.  Insurance fraud can occur when a claimant, employer, or health care provider knowingly lies to benefit from the worker's compensation insurance.  

Fraud can involve both the employee and the employer.  An independent insurance investigator can help sort through the circumstances and determine which party is in the right.

Investigating worker's compensation claims for insurance companies throughout Minnesota and western Wisconsin.An employee may try to take advantage in cases where there are no witnesses, if an injury occurred while not on the job, where there is financial stress at home, or in the case where an injury is concurrent with the employee's termination.

Employer fraud may consist of denial of claims, misclassification of work being done by their employees, even by making public examples or employees that have filed for workers' compensation benefits.

With decades of experience, Equity Adjustment can sort out the circumstances involving worker's compensation.

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